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Let there be Light 2018: No 2

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Organisation states that depression is the single leading cause of disability in the World, outstripping heart-disease and cancer. Our war seems to be internal. Our depression is our lives. How can this be possible?

Perhaps the modern habit of continually embracing false positivity and rigidly denying the data in our midst from our emotions might be the source. It’s normal to be scared. It’s normal to cry. Its normal to suffer grief and loss. It is normal to have regrets. Just as it is normal to laugh and giggle and smile. It’s folly to deny and hide how we feel. Nobody’s Facebook or celebrity life is real. Everybody gets sad from time to time.

Only dead people never get broken-hearted, angry or stressed. Stress is just the price of admission to a meaningful life. Your courage is your fear walking with tears streaming down its cheeks en route to the next belly laugh.

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