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Mix 96

The station that loves Bucks playing Bucks best mix of music. Broadcasting from studios in Aylesbury, bringing you the latest news, travel and local weather. Alex also hosts a business show on Marlow FM 97.5 a community radio station serving the Marlow area in Buckinghamshire

Monday July 18th 2017

In this week's show Max and Alex look into the world of 3D printing. They talk to an Aylesbury business already involved in 3D printing and a business in Wycombe company who supplied costumes to an Oscar winning movie!

Monday - July 18th - Business Show
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Monday July 11th 2017

This week Max and Alex focus on Innovation, Research and Development. They'll meet two Bucks Businesses who have successfully launched new projects; one that focuses on the problems of back pain, the other an awarding window film company. There's also the latest business news for Bucks.

Monday - July 11th - Business Show
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Monday July 4th 2017

Max and Alex meet two successful female entrepreneurs. One is a musician who uses her skills to help the community, the other a lady who started a service that no one else was offering. There’s also news of upcoming Buckinghamshire Business First events and the latest business news for Bucks.

Monday - July 4th - Business Show
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Archive of shows available here

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