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Let there be Light 2018: No 1

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Greek Philosopher Epictetus (55AD) wrote: “It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

This strikes me as a good note on which to contemplate the beginning of 2018.

Have you noticed in recent years that there is a growing propensity to get upset about stuff just because we feel we have justification in being upset, whether angry or sad?

The problem with this is that there are so many possibilities for getting upset and stressed that life becomes mired in all these perceived difficulties and injustices while all the time sailing past the unnoticed joy and fun in our midst.

When was the last time you said to yourself ‘Now, I could decide to get upset about this, but I choose to let this particular emotional grenade pass me by?’

Why not give it a try? In the end all we can control is our reaction to events.

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