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Let there be Light 2017: No 18

My great mate Neil says“Tell you what mate, if your mood is governed by the weather you are going to be one hell of a moody bastard.”

Prophetic words like this are often missed as we speed through our lives but Neil often unwittingly says stuff that makes me think so I listen carefully for these gems.

I’ve come to understand that the most important aspect of any day is to choose to be in a good mood and enjoy life as this choice. Far too often I have simply decided not to feel great simply because the prevailing circumstances justify such a position. But of course like the weather, circumstances change all of the time and with them so does our mood. Being at the mercy of circumstance rather than choosing a great mood no matter what, is in the end all that separates us from the lives we could have enjoyed.

If all you do is remember to take a few seconds as your feet hit the floor in the morning to say out loud ‘It’s going to be a wonderful day today’ you will be amazed how much better life gets.

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